GROW, Share, Influence, Lead.

We’re a different breed of bear. As friends and former journalists, we launched Bear Icebox Communications to be a different kind of communications firm. We can help with everything from getting you that placement in the publication of your dreams to making your website something to be proud of. It’s not just about landing you stories in target media—it’s also about training you to effectively share your story with the public. PR is a two-way street between client and agency and we provide the infrastructure to build that road with you.

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Bob Spoerl

(PR + Client Relations)

Bob Spoerl is our fearless leader; the president and co-founder of Bear Icebox. He has a background in journalism and a passion for helping the underdog win. Bob has helped clients land coverage in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNBC, CNN Money, the Associated Press, Fox Business, and the Chicago Tribune.


Alex Wilson

(Digital + Content)

Alex Wilson is a co-founder who brings nearly a decade’s worth of experience working for some of the biggest brands across the gaming, aviation, defense, tech, and political spaces. He has worked for Playstation, Boeing, Infosys and the City of San José, to name a few. In his spare time, he has published the book Populace and worked with friends to create three computer games.



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Melinda Caughill  65 Incorporated, CMO

Melinda Caughill 65 Incorporated, CMO

“For a while, we had a kind of love-hate relationship with Bear Icebox. We were bombarded with PR that turned into client activity and phone calls in a critical season for our company.”

Mikko Honkanen  Vainu, Co-founder

Mikko Honkanen Vainu, Co-founder

"We started working with Bear Icebox after launching our New York office. Through our core messages, they've landed useful press coverage and contributed to ebooks, trend reports, infographics and blogs. We've seen nice increases in web traffic and online leads."

Kaveh Mahdavi  Sensofusion, Vice President

Kaveh Mahdavi Sensofusion, Vice President

"Bear Icebox has done excellent work for us in a complex market. The Bear Icebox team has been tremendous and I’m really thankful to be able to work with them."

Tim Conn  Image One, President

Tim Conn Image One, President

"If anyone reading this doesn't have a Public Relations company I would highly recommend Bear Icebox Communications. They are a small firm that gives the personal attention of a small company with the service of a big company that has great connections!"

Tatiana Barakshina  Bazis Group, Partner

Tatiana Barakshina Bazis Group, Partner

"Our international team has worked with Bear Icebox closely for the past two years. Bob has been a tremendous mentor and communication lead for us. His experience, knowledge and intuition in the PR segment has helped us achieve clearer positioning with our target clients, while focusing our efforts on what's important."

Yan Krupnik  Retalon, Vice President

Yan Krupnik Retalon, Vice President

"Bob and Eric—two founders of Bear Icebox—did a fine job of identifying, understanding and targeting our sophisticated and technical audience. And they did so with efficient, effective updates and constant communication with me and my colleagues. I really enjoy collaborating with them."

Kathleen Kuhn  HouseMaster, President & CEO

Kathleen Kuhn HouseMaster, President & CEO

"We have been working with Bear Icebox for over a year now with great results, so much so that we expanded our services to have them cover both our brands. We have had great success in getting the word out on both the local level and also at the national level. Bob take the time to learn industries and understands PR, which is key. I highly recommend their services."