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Vainu, a fast-growing SaaS sales intelligence company founded in Helsinki with four offices across Europe, came to Bear Icebox around the time it opened up its New York office in early 2017. While the company had captured large market shares across Europe, it was a new entity in the United States, launching a new AI-powered sales database and hiring a team in the U.S. In short, they were looking for a nimble team adept to the U.S. market and familiar with working with European brands. They turned to us to engage in a public relations campaign to build brand awareness and generate interest in the Vainu database in the United States.


Vainu had some compelling storylines for us to initially pursue: As a self-funded tech startup using machine learning in its platform, the brand had an intriguing brand story to tell. And that name -- it's so interesting. We played up on the uniqueness of the name -- Vainu, in Finnish, means "scent of the hunt" -- to tell the brand story of how Vainu helps sales teams and companies on the hunt for the right leads find the right scents on the prospecting trail. Through leveraging the brand story, defining Vainu executives as thought leaders and compiling data from Vainu's own database to tell stories, we crafted a campaign to boost awareness and generate buzz in Vainu's U.S. database. 


Through a steady drumbeat of data, thought leadership articles, news releases and sourced articles, we secured 20+ placements in half a year, including in targeted publications like Business News Daily, CMS Wire, Business2Community, Markets Insider and more. Plus, as the brand continued to grow and develop in the U.S., it's European presence increased alongside it, as Vainu received recognition as a top 100 startup in Wired U.K. and recognition from Business Insider as a major player in the Nordics. And as the relationship evolved, Bear Icebox has helped contribute to blogs, ebooks, trend reports and data analysis and more. Website traffic to increased dramatically, with leads increasing and web traffic on an already flowing B2B website more than doubling in a span of six-month period.

Bob Spoerl