Crisis Communications

While entrepreneurs and business leaders try to put their best foot forward and train team members to do the same, crises inevitably hate many companies. Let's face it, $*it happens.

That's why brands turn to Bear Icebox Communications to be proactive when it comes to crisis communications. Our retainer clients appreciate the fact that they have an agency of record to be their press office during the good times and bad times. Our team members have dealt with some pretty challenging PR issues on behalf of clients over the years. Everything from national fallout over insensitive remarks to overcoming challenging reviews from customers.

When we are your PR partner, your reputation is of the utmost importance to us. It is extremely difficult to persuade audiences to buy a product or service from a company with negative publicity.

Crisis communications can include creating manuals and instructions for how to interact with customers and media during certain scenarios. But companies can also blunt the impact of a crisis or bad press with consistently positive publicity.  We can and have helped organizations in the middle of a crisis. But, the best defense to most PR crises is a consistent machine churning out positive media. We can power that machine.