An Agency to Welcome Your Brand to the U.S.

Are you a startup or established brand in Europe looking for a U.S. partner agency to help spread the word and build an audience for you here? 

Brands have chosen to work with Bear Icebox because we're a hungry, nimble and flexible agency partner here in the U.S. We have a track record of helping brands expand their presence in the U.S. -- companies who work with us can expect an intimate, caring partner who is passionate about your story and eager to guide your marketing strategy for entering and expanding in the United States.

Bear Icebox Communications also has experience guiding B2B brand development and paving the way for marketing and business expansion efforts in the U.S. Our team has critical experience collaborating and understanding cultural nuances of working with companies in which English is not a first or primary language; having spent time working closely with clients from countries like Finland and Russia, we have crafted communications plans that provide clarity, consistency and traction within target audiences in the U.S. and with other English-speaking prospects.



European & Eurasian OrgANIZATIONS We've Worked WITH

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