Influencer Relations

Influencer relations is a common phrase used in the public relations industry today. But what does it mean? To conduct influencer relations ultimately means that we look beyond the traditional media landscape (TV networks and mainstream / traditional news outlets) to pinpoint outreach efforts to other people with a following who speak authoritatively and can move the needle for our clients. From mommy bloggers to analysts and celebrity personalities with major Instagram followings, influencer relations casts a wide net -- we have experience conducting outreach with influencers on behalf of our clients. This strategy is often coupled with a media relations campaign to broaden reach and target the most relevant voices who can elevate our clients' message and stories even further.  

And through strategic partnerships, we also have the capability to find influencers for brands looking for an organic spokesperson.  We have worked closely on influencer marketing campaigns and can help businesses and organizations find the right person for them.